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Are you looking for an apprentice who is passionate, motivated and ready for work?


At Apprenticeship Central we specialise in recruiting 'perfect' apprentice candidates for clients in the Automotive industry all over the the UK. We use our unique Pre-Employment Programme, this is an industry specific, robust and detailed recruitment tool used to screen and test candidates.

Our RECRUIT process differs from traditional methods, we spend time to get to know every candidate meaning the rigour and detail we put into finding “perfect candidates” is very high. This process ensures that the candidates who have completed our Pre-Employment Programme are well informed, motivated, committed, have shown they are passionate about a career in the industry and are a good fit for future employers.  

Due to the number of high quality apprentice candidates we present to employers, unfortunately some candidates are not offered an apprentice position and we do not want to lose passionate young people from the industry. To increase potential opportunities for young people and to increase the exposure of great apprentice candidates to employers we have created a Find an Apprentice Board.   



For more insight into how we differ from traditional recruitment processes and to find out more about our Apprentice candidates who have completed PEP and are looking for their first steps into the industry, please get in touch by requesting a callback at the bottom of this page.


Our services


We source 'perfect candidates' for your apprentice vacancies utilising our unique Pre-Employment Programme (PEP), and manage the entire admin process, from advertising and recruitment, to college enrolment.



Our apprentice management programme that ensures your young employees remain in the business throughout their apprenticeship and go on to be valuable, qualified team members in the future.



Our tailor-made welfare programme, providing safeguarding and pastoral care for your young employees, and guiding the business and its team through the minefield that comes with employing young people.


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