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Guiding employers and their apprentices through the learning journey.


In our ever-changing and challenging world, young people have complex needs and have been brought up in an environment that older generations sometimes struggle to comprehend. Because of this you may not know how best to manage your young employees.


Government statistics suggest that as many as 35% of apprentices do not last the course of their apprenticeship, making it critical that your young team members have a great experience through their apprenticeship programme. Our expertise is understanding the reasons why apprentices leave and together with employers, support each apprentices learning journey to assist them all the way to their End Point Assessment.


NURTURE is effectively the glue between the apprentice, company management, mentors, and training providers and makes sure that the curriculum is being followed correctly. We uncover any issues or needs that arise from any stakeholder involved and resolve through monitoring and communication to create successful outcomes. And because we remain close to the apprentice and become a valued support network for them, course work is kept up to date, skills analysis sheets are completed, and all parties are informed with the current position and aware of what corrective action is needed for continued progression at all times.


Included in NURTURE is our full safeguarding service, ENSURE, where we officially become your company’s Designated Safeguarding Lead. As well as creating all of your safeguarding and PREVENT company policies and documents, we proactively contact your apprentices regularly, just to check in on them and give them the opportunity to share any personal or work issues they feel they can’t discuss with colleagues in the workplace, enabling us to intervene when they may have been considering leaving the business.


Our services


Creating perfect apprentice candidates for employers


Guiding employers and their apprentices through the learning journey


Protecting young employees and businesses

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