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Creating perfect apprentice candidates for employers.


With a reported average age of 50 for skilled technicians, many of whom are happy to go from employer to employer to increase their wages in a market where profits are already tight, you probably already know that you need to invest in young people through the national apprenticeship programme to ensure you have a sustainable skilled workforce for the future.


What you probably don’t have is the time/resource/experience to focus on and absorb the massive range of information required to get started. Many end up taking the easier, traditional approach of using the government “find an apprentice” portal where training providers provide a basic CV sift/qualification check/telephone interview and then hand over to you to handle everything else.

RECRUIT delivers a robust candidate search and employment solution for your apprentice vacancies. We set up and manage your total multi-channel recruitment campaign to attract young local applicants both online and through local schools/colleges. 


We showcase the industry, its technical processes as well as your business, whilst taking interested candidates through our unique PEP (Pre-Employment Programme), creating “perfect candidates” who are informed, motivated and knowledgeable. 


Alongside this recruitment campaign, the activities we undertake include all administration, government funding and training provider liaison processes and we assist with the significant college administration and enrolment processes.


Our services


Creating perfect apprentice candidates for employers


Guiding employers and their apprentices through the learning journey


Protecting young employees and businesses

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