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Protecting young employees and businesses.


Young people are generally uncomfortable with talking about “issues or problems” with colleagues because they don’t want to appear weak or vulnerable. Mental ill health has never been more prevalent in our society and young people, many of whom are taking their first steps into employment from full time education, need support, guidance, and a safe place to go to talk about things going on in their life or at work. Statistics show that high levels of apprentices leave because of a wide range of issues, one of the most significant being around mental ill health.


Employers may not be experienced in handling the needs of the current generation and often don’t have the correct policies, procedures and documentation that are mandatory requirements when employing young people. Furthermore, there is a need to be aware and conscious of potential changes in a young employee’s behaviour or unusual/different ways they appear to be handling normal day-to-day situations and your team are likely to need guidance on how to take the correct steps in handling these situations.


We become your company’s “Designated Safeguarding Lead” through our fully qualified Safeguarding expertise. We build a trusted relationship with every apprentice on our programme and proactively engage regularly and capture any issues that they need support with, both at work and in life. Once an issue is uncovered, we provide confidential support and guidance directly with the individual, communicating with employer, family members and external agencies to provide the best support and care for that individuals circumstances until a resolution can be found.


ENSURE acts like an insurance policy - it's in place in case the worst happens, which sadly is an increasing possibility in today’s world we live in. It’s a fully supported programme of safeguarding and pastoral care for all of your employees, especially apprentices, trainees, and vulnerable adults. We create all of the necessary handbooks, polices and guidance documents for your business to adopt and we take responsibility for updating them whenever legislation or government guidance changes.


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Protecting young employees and businesses

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