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Feedback is so important to us - we constantly analyse our performance to refine and improve our service. Below are just some of the comments we have received from clients and apprentices experiencing Apprenticeship Central.


"The pre-employment programme I took part in really helped me as it showed me this career was right for me as you go through various stages and have to do different tasks. We were provided with information on the different job roles and had to watch videos. Then we sat an industrial based exam which was so helpful as I had to learn stuff before starting the apprenticeship.


Carrying on from this when I visited the site and was shown round it really proved to me that a lot of money has been spent on these state-of-the-art facilities and I could see myself working here."

Luke, Fix Auto, Daventry


“We retained Apprenticeship Central to manage our apprentice recruitment and retention needs and they are brilliant. I run a team of HR professionals within our business but their capacity is exhausted by all of the normal HR issues that a growing company faces.


Apprenticeship Central are in place to manage all of our apprentices needs, interfacing with me and our site teams and they also take responsibility for all engagement with our training provider. It really does work perfectly for us and we would have really struggled to develop our programme without their drive, ability and enthusiasm."

Steph Crudgington, former Head of HR – ABL 1 Touch


"I started my apprenticeship in November 2022 and am still expanding my knowledge and skills. I found that pushing myself out of my comfort zone and applying for the role as a car painter was one of the best decisions I had made. It was a new experience within the trade, a little different to the mechanical side but also beneficial! The application process was straight forward and I found the Apprenticeship Central recruitment team very helpful and supportive throughout the process. They provided me with resourceful tools and links when needed, especially for the exam process that I had to take. I was helped to secure functional skills training through Apprenticeship Central, who were really helpful and for this I am thankful! I found the pre-employment programme very useful I was provided with many links and straight forward videos to expand my knowledge before I had sat my exam. The exam was better than expected granted the fact it was an exam but never the less I had a great score! I am most grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to see where I may find myself in the future'."

Lucy, Faraday Mill ARC, Plymouth


“MG Cannon have never really fully incorporated an apprentice strategy in our business and to be honest, we weren’t sure where to start. Bob and his Apprenticeship Central team have helped create our apprenticeship programme, taken responsibility for recruiting our first full cohort of apprentices and they now help manage their development alongside our existing site and central teams.


I can’t speak highly enough of them and I guess that retaining all of our intake of apprentices in 2021 one year down the line is good proof of that."

Vince Scudder, Director – MG Cannon


"Jake at Apprenticeship Central really helped me gain a better understanding of how this industry works and also gave me more information that was useful in understanding the role.


I feel the most useful part of the PEP was the assessment because I saw certain skills that are needed and I will develop over time. There was a large amount of information about the apprenticeship course, with information to read and research tasks to complete. The site visit showed me each stage the vehicles go through before there are handed back to the customer. I also learned that the industry is amazing and fun."

Ruben, Brandon ARC, Brandon


"The pre-employment programme I took part in helped me to really understand what I am getting myself into and see what type of team I will be around and if it is best suited for me. I found that the best part of the pre-employment programme was visiting the work site, this was really helpful for me as I got to see and understand what machinery and tools I will be using with and who I might working with, which made me feel comfortable. Also, knowing the layout of how I am taught certain skills and the way in which I will be learning was so helpful. The information given to me about the apprenticeship course gave me a real insight on how the college training part of things works and how I will commute to and from college. Throughout the whole process there was a great amount of communication and support from Apprenticeship Central, I received various phone calls from various people to tell me how the college training and employment part of things work."

Mohammad, Fix Auto, Henley on-Thames


"When looking for an apprenticeship, I knew I wanted to do something in the motor industry. This was the only thing I wanted after leaving school; I felt that the college route didn’t interest me too much as a hands-on learner. Once I had applied for this vacancy, the pre-employment programme gave us plenty of information about the role being offered to us. An industrial exam was also put in place to test common knowledge and help us to learn some new basic things about vehicle repair. Personally, the level of information shared helped me build confidence in my choice to go forward with this apprenticeship and communication from the Apprenticeship Central team during the entire process was great."

Jack, ABL 1 Touch Portsmouth


“Apprenticeship Central helps manage our apprentices learning journey and they are also our company’s Designated Safeguarding Lead, sadly in this day and age a service that is needed by most businesses who employ young people.


Their experience and knowledge have been vital to us as we grow our company and concentrate on the other key priorities of running a busy vehicle repair business."

Paul Cunningham,

Commercial Director – Fix Auto Dagenham

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